DP-600 Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate Certification

The new Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate Certification was announced in November 2023 and it is finally available in Beta mode from today, January 11th 2024. If you are interested in taking this exam in early beta mode, go ahead and schedule it. But keep in mind the beta exam scores are not available until the exam goes live (out of beta mode).

The exam covers a lot of skills, that are required for an individual to pass this certification. Skills measured for this certification:

  • Plan, implement, and manage a solution for data analytics (10% – 15%)
  • Prepare and serve data (40% – 45%)
  • Implement and manage semantic models (20% – 25%)
  • Explore and analyse data (20% – 25%)

For this exam, you should have subject matter expertise in designing, creating, and deploying enterprise-scale data analytics solutions. Your responsibilities for this role include transforming data into reusable analytics assets by using Microsoft Fabric components, such as:

  • Lakehouses
  • Data warehouses
  • Notebooks
  • Dataflows
  • Data pipelines
  • Semantic models
  • Reports

The exam also requires in-depth knowledge around working with the Fabric platform in the following areas:

  • Data modeling
  • Data transformation
  • Git-based source control
  • Exploratory analytics
  • Languages, including Structured Query Language (SQL), Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), and PySpark

The detailed breakdown on each of these skills can be found on the official certification skills measured webpage.

As the exam is in beta mode, there are limited resources to prepare for the exam. But thankfully, Microsoft has released some of the Learn Paths that can be found on Microsoft official certification page. These learn paths can be used to prepare for this certification exam.

Study Tips

Image Credit: Microsoft Learn Website
Image Credit: Microsoft Learn Website
  • While preparing for the exam, cross-check the skills details with the learn modules. There are few missing modules. For e.g. there is no module on Project files for Power BI; make sure to search about it and read about this topic.
  • There is also some mis-match in the naming conventions when you go through these modules. Keep in mind the changes.
  • Make sure to finish the Fabric labs. These are important when it comes to creating the solution.
Image Credit: Microsoft Learn Website


If you are planning to take the exam in beta, you can schedule it now or if you want to wait till the exam goes live; then enjoy few months of additional learning. Also, one thing to point here is, when the exam goes live, there will be more resources to study for the exam.

Image Credit: Microsoft Learn Website

Good Luck & Happy Fabric Learning!


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