What is the best piece of Career Advice you ever received?

My fellow community leader Gethyn Ellis is hosting TSQL2Sday this month. TSQL2sDay is a great opportunity for someone new to blogging to get involved. If you want to get involved but need help knowing where to start, just let us know, and we will help. I’m sure there will be plenty of other people happy to help you, too.

As part of this initiative, I was invited to write a blog on – “What is the best piece of Career Advice you ever received?”.

Being in the technical industry for more than a decade now, I got multiple opportunities to work with amazing people – whether they are my colleagues, bosses or clients.  Over these last few years, I have grown in the industry by taking into consideration all the great advises I have received all through my career.

Get a Mentor!

It’s not everyday that you get some great advice that changes your life. One of the greatest advises that I have received in my career is – “Go and find a Mentor!” Mentors can really play a great role specially when it comes to asking for guidance about your career. What career one wants to pursue, in which stream one has passion, what is the best way to get into the industry where one has interest, etc. So, always make sure to have a mentor in your life. A mentor can change your life.

Let your Job Meet your Passion!

These days many professionals complain that they don’t find their job interesting. There can be certain reasons why this can happen. Doing similar kind of work in day-to-day basis, working on same technology, etc. But what if somehow you can relate your interests to what you do in your professional life. The other best advice I got from one of my previous bosses was – “Try to link your passion to your professional job!” The moment this happens, nothing can stop you from loving your job and excelling in it.

Challenge Yourself!

What is interesting if it has no challenges in it? One can do a better job if he/she has a motivation towards learning.  “Learning should never stop” & “Challenge Yourself” is another great advice that I have been abiding by. This has kept me on a continuous track of learning new technology and keeping myself updated as well. Therefore, I always say – “Keep Learning, Keep Exploring!”

Advice is a small word, but has enough potential to transform someone’s life. Make sure always to give a deep thought on these mindful words when someone gives you. It’s their experience that speaks while advising you. Why not make use of their golden words in the right way to change your life.

Don’t forget – “Many Receive Advice, Only the Wise Profit from It. – by Harper Lee”


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